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Sati and Doghu

Magic on the Tides of the Sandsea….

In the isolated city of Meraboul, Sati toils on the farm by morning and spends his afternoons with his only friend, Doghu, a coyote with a troubling affliction.

When the livestock too begin showing signs of the disease —and then dying—Sati sets out to find a cure. To do this, he must risk his life—and the lives of the glamorous and mysterious friends he makes along the way—across the vast and perilous desert of the Cineeba, aboard a sandship that harbors a nightmarish secret.

But Sati is not ordinary farm boy, and his journey is no ordinary journey of discovery.

So begins the harrowing tale whispered upon the lips of the Eastern Wind....

Sati and Doghu by Shervin Kiani

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